Campers and coaches live together in an air-conditioned dormitory on the beautiful campus of The Ethel Walker School.This experience help swimmers grow socially as well as mentally and physically.

Our instruction begins by concentrating on building efficient swimmers. Throughout the week, campers participate in an extensive program of swimming fitness, quality water time, daily stints in the fitness center for all campers, dry land conditioning, and strength training lectures from great athletes and professional coaches. 

The goal is to instill in every athlete the idea that discipline and hard work not only pay off but also can be great fun. Campers are given the opportunity to excel because they take home all of the necessary knowledge needed to be the best they can possibly be.

The ultimate reward to any swimmer is a PERSONAL BEST (PB). This is our goal, and every year we receive emails from our campers telling us about their new PB’s.

Our staff are carefully chosen for their qualities of experience, maturity, energy, enthusiasm, and, as Coach Good says, “dedicated to personal bests in their personal life as well as their athletic life.”

All coaches eat with the campers, live in the campers’ dorms, participate in the social time, and are a part of campers’ lives for 24 hours a day. Our coaches are all outstanding athletes and experienced teaching professionals.

Swimming is a part of their everyday lives. Every instructor is given instruction in our technique of teaching and training competitive swimmers.

Our high standards of selection and training have brought together a hard working staff “second to none” in our field.


Which week should my child attend?
New campers and 11-year-olds and younger: week 1. Teenagers and repeat campers 12 years old and older: week 2.

What are the advantages of attending two consecutive sessions?
For first time campers 11 years of age and under – NONE. For repeat campers and 12 and over swimmers, a two-week stay makes a significant difference in their swimming career.


Parents want to help their children any way they possibly can.

Every Friday at 9:00 am, Coach Good will offer a two- to three-hour parents seminar on how to help your swimmers. This WILL NOT make you a coach or an assistant coach. Not even close. But it will make you an informed parent who can keep necessary statistics that will help your young athletes and assist your coaches. Bring paper and something to write with and be ready to listen and ask questions.

Coach Good is the father of five very athletic children and a grandfather of more athletes. He knows how you feel and wants to help you!


Optional workout wakeup 6:00 am
Regular wakeup 7:10 am
Breakfast 7:30 am
Morning lecture 8:30 am
Morning instruction/swimming 9:00 am - noon
Lunch Noon
Afternoon lecture 1:30 pm
Afternoon instruction/swimming 2:30 - 5:30 pm
Group game in the pool 5:30 - 6:00 pm
Dinner 6:20 pm
7 o’clock meeting 7:05 pm ‘Ha!’
Supervised freetime 7:30 pm
Camp Store gathering 8:30 pm
In rooms 9:15 pm
Lights out 9:30 - 10 pm


  •  Most Importantly- Show proof of being vaccinated. If you attended the 2022 camp no need to show proof of vaccination again in 2023.
  • The Camper (ready, rested, eager ... and NO swimmer’s ear)
  • Bathing Suits — At least two. We do not sell suits at camp.
  • T-shirts and Shorts — For dry land workouts
  • Athletic Shoes and Socks —For dry land training
  • Warm-Ups — Sweat shirts and pants
  • Parka — In case of rain
  • Swim Bags/Back Packs
  • Bed Linens — Two twin-size sheets, pillow and pillowcase, blanket or sleeping bag
  • Towels — Several
  • Goggles — Several
  • Personal Items — Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Miscellaneous — Lots & lots of extra ENERGY

If you are bringing medication to camp, it must be in the original container from the pharmacy. If it is in the form of pills or capsules, bring only enough to meet your prescribed needs during your stay at camp. Ventilators, creams, bee sting kits, etc., may/should come filled. Newly worded CT state laws have caused these changes. Dispensing Physician MUST sign medication form.

NOTE: Please leave all valuables at home! Cell phones and pads are collected at registration and returned for use each evening after the 7:00pm meeting.